Hole Seventeen: 257 metres – Wharf Green  

A slight dogleg right, with a fairway split by a lateral hazard. Hit a lay-up from the elevated tee to the left fairway or a full shot (carry 220 metres) toward a green partially obscured by a pine tree and set on the edge of the beach. The ideal drive is aimed at the big gum tree to the left of the green, from where there is a straightforward chip depending on the pin position. The island bunker can be very much in play (write down 6+). Another strategy is to aim straight for the green but the fairway is narrow, the prevailing wind is from the left and any hint of a block or a cut will be on the beach. Not a good look, although pars have been made from the beach when the tide is out. A tricky green to putt on. 3’s and 6’s are not uncommon here.  

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