Scoring to date

Links Course

In good conditions most golfers achieve net rounds in the low to mid 70’s, notwithstanding the par of 64, the course rating of 60.3 and the slope rating of 108. Low handicappers usually score proportionately worse. Only six golfers have played to their handicaps in the last six years.

Unusually the men’s course record of 60 is only one shot lower than the course rating of 60 .9, despite the course having been played by four NZ Golf senior representatives who collectively have won dozens of tournaments including the New Zealand Amateur.    

The women’s course record is 73, 14 shots over the course rating.

On average, at least 5 golf balls are lost per visiting player, per round. As a result there is a local rule which allows players the opportunity to tee off with an old ball, then switch to a newer ball (of the same type) if they remain on terra firma. Consequently there are large numbers of ancient Titleist’s in the water hazards, on the beach, and over the various cliff edges. 

Many players have started well but almost invariably the course has got to them. One notable example was a poor soul who was one over after nine, but 29 over after 18. Another was 4 under after 10, but eventually round in 65 after dropping 5 shots in eight holes on the much easier second nine.

Mountain Course

As at mid-August 2019, the course record is 71, five over par.