Hole Seven: 394 metres – Roadside Green

This memorable hole intimidates right from the start. There is no visible fairway, just a cliff 130 metres away topped with 100 foot gum trees that must somehow be negotiated.

 For short hitters this 120-degree dogleg right par 5 requires a lay-up of 110 metres to a very precise location in order to be able to play to the upper fairway. The second will need to be played with a mid or short iron to achieve this. The third requires a precise mid to long iron, through a very narrow gap in the manuka/kanuka plantings (defined as hazards) to a green protected by a roadway, gum trees (including one in the green), two deep revetted bunkers and a cliff.

Longer hitters can attempt to reach the upper fairway direct by aiming at the telegraph pole in the gap in the middle of the row of gums trees lining the right edge of the fairway. This requires a precision shot of 180 metres or so, taking into account the elevation change. 

The final tee-shot option for the brave is to hit a very high (more than 50 metres) severe cut with a driver or fairway wood. It must be cut to avoid going through the fairway into heavy rough. From there the green can be reached with a short iron, theoretically easy but it requires a precise shot to a very small target.  Five is a very good score on this hole. Historically fewer than one in four players makes par here. 

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