Hole Nine: 288 metres – Estuary Green

This is a very intimidating hole, with good reason. The tee shot is difficult requiring exceptional length and a good line, the second requires pinpoint accuracy and the green is unplayable if you put the ball in the wrong place.

The ideal tee shot from the edge of a cliff demands a carry of over 220 metres to a lower hidden fairway. A fairway lie can be reached with a shorter shot to another fairway on the right but the angle of the approach shot is much more difficult and partially obscured by trees.  A well hit drive over the marker will result in a shot of 80 metres or less to a green protected by water on three sides and five bunkers short. The drop zone is on the edge of the cliff (NOT down the bottom). This hole should be played as a par five in a westerly (the prevailing wind) and often wrecks promising first nines.   

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